Breeding goal

Breeding goals

The breeding goal for DanAvl is set in close cooperation between the pig producers and the slaughterhouses. The breeding objectives differ for the male and female lines.

The pie chart below shows the weighing traits in the breeding objective for the DanAvl breeds.

As can be seen from the chart, live piglets at day 5 (LP5) and longevity after farrowing is included in the breeding goal for the dam lines, and slaughterloss is included for the sire line.

Longevity is defined as the probability of a gilt inseminated for first litter to proceed to insemination for second litter after weaning of the first litter. It was included as a breeding goal in August 2006. LP5 was introduced in May 2005.

Conformation is a subjective evaluation of the physical appearence of the individual animal.

From time to time, changes in genetic parametres and economic coefficients caused by selection and the production/marketing situation justify an adjustment in the ranking of breeding stock. This is considered every 3 or 4 years.


 Breeding objectives

Expected progress for the dam lines per breeding objective

  Breeding objectives

Expected progress for the sire lines per breeding objective



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